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Welcome to Tesla Energy Limited.

Our purpose is to help more and more people experience financial well-being. Together with our clients, we’re contributing to a more equitable and resilient world – today and for generations to come

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About us

Tesla Energy Trade we believe money is a tool, not a goal. Driven by a higher purpose at our core, we are committed to providing financial advice, investments, insurance, banking, digital assets and generosity programs to help people make the most of all they've been given.

At our heart, we are a membership-owned fraternal organization, as well as a holistic financial services organization, dedicated to serving the unique needs of our clients. The Tesla Energy Trade investment was fully incorporated into law in January 22nd 2009, We have positively impacted a gross domestic products (GDP) to the Swiss with a massive record of $ 300 Million of global expenditure in 2014. Today, expenditure on the investment sector exceeds $ 25 billion a year, equivalent to about 13 percent of global GDP

Tesla Energy Trade has paved a way for economic financial growth and brings many monetary benefits to many countries, we also create a room and opportunities for all investors around the world by the introduction of investment and profits earning since the year 2015. The introduction of this mechanism has yielded major work and profits in the country.

Today we can confidently say that we are the leader in this area, so, we are ready to offer you mutually beneficial cooperation.

Investing in Tesla Energy Trade is a guarantee of your profit.

Investment Plans

  • Starter Plan
  • Min Amount: $50
  • Max Amount: $499
  • Profit: 8% + Capital
  • Duration: After 24 Hours
  • Referral Bonus: 5%
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  • Deluxe Plan
  • Min Amount: $500
  • Max Amount: $3,999
  • Profit: 18% + Capital
  • Duration: After 24 Hours
  • Referral Bonus: 5%
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  • Executive Plan
  • Min Amount: $3,500
  • Max Amount: $9,999
  • Profit: 30% + Capital
  • Duration: 48 Hours
  • Referral Bonus: 5%
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  • Premium Plan
  • Min Amount: $10,000
  • Max Amount: UNLIMITED
  • Profit: 53% + Capital
  • Duration: 4 Days
  • Referral Bonus: 5%
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Affiliate program

Occupying the niche of providing services in the field of business development, we understand the importance of teamwork in this area, therefore, in addition to the standard investment program, our company is ready to offer investors a flexible affiliate system of income. The level of income is stable, we offer 10% referral bonus comission.

Our Advantages



Many years of experience in the field of business development allows us to provide high-quality services. Over the years, we have successfully implemented our ideas in many companies.



Sooner or later, any business needs outside help. Our company provides consulting and professional services, which makes us sought-after.



It is impossible to doubt the high level of profitability when working with a company that has established itself in the market of providing consulting and professional services.



Our team includes only professionals in their field with a wide range of knowledge and experience in their narrowly focused field, which have proven their competitive skills.


Wide Service Range

Tesla Energy Trade is a team of specialists in all areas. We are ready to offer all kinds of services: from consultations to the implementation of a new business process.


Cost Reduction

By engaging our company, the client has the opportunity to avoid the expansion of the staff, the hiring of a high-profile specialist, because our team has all the necessary staff.

How to get started


1. To get started with Tesla Energy Trade first you need to open an account in our website. Simply click on the Signup button or use the button below to be redirected to our sign up page. Fill out the required information and submit the form. Our system will automatically assign you a username base on the country you are coming from. Your username starts with 2 letters which indicated your country of origin and 5 random digits.


2. Once you have done with the signup process, simply login to the member dashboard using your username and password. We strongly recommend all members to enable two-factor authentication feature after their first sign in.


3. Deposit into you account and select your preferred plan to start earning.


4. Your mining machine will deploy automatically once your payment is confirmed. Your first profit will kick in after 1 day. Check out your account statement after a day to make sure your machine is mining for you.

Latest Deposits

$1500.00 Mar-23-2023 07:53:09 AM Elliott
$129.00 Mar-23-2023 07:35:25 AM Zahra
$19927.88 Mar-23-2023 07:31:30 AM Idrissa3
$25356.75 Mar-23-2023 07:24:35 AM Ousman
$60.00 Mar-23-2023 07:20:31 AM Angavu
$3818.37 Mar-23-2023 07:19:08 AM Khayone
$7202.37 Mar-23-2023 07:18:10 AM Claudia
$636.00 Mar-23-2023 07:17:08 AM Xolani
$8200.00 Mar-23-2023 07:16:11 AM Leo
$7494.47 Mar-23-2023 07:15:21 AM DIEUMEMERCI

Latest Withdrawals

$770.00 Mar-23-2023 07:52:52 AM Joanna
$2009.27 Mar-23-2023 07:51:47 AM Jehu
$80.00 Mar-23-2023 07:51:15 AM Isabella
$219.69 Mar-23-2023 07:50:59 AM Jaganshi
$545.88 Mar-23-2023 07:50:47 AM Imani
$1273.63 Mar-23-2023 07:50:14 AM Layla
$462.41 Mar-23-2023 07:49:14 AM Yarbanga
$189.00 Mar-23-2023 07:48:57 AM Abdoul
$990.00 Mar-23-2023 07:48:17 AM Moeketsi
$181.00 Mar-23-2023 07:47:49 AM Zawadi